When you need a new AC unit, finding the perfect fit for your residence is as crucial as getting one which is powerful or has filtered air, or a tonne of other minor 'extras' that don't really count. If this is your first time buying air conditioning for your Toowoomba property, then you might not even know which the best model for your home is. If you need help with choosing the right unit, then ACR Solutions are here to help!

Finding the right size

When it comes to air conditioning, size really does matter. The larger your room, the more capacity your AC unit will need. Ballpark figures suggest you should have 2kw for every 20 sq metres of space in a room, but it's always best to speak to a specialist before settling on a size. 

Split system

One of the most popular types of air conditioning units coincidentally is also one of the most affordable. You have a single compressor on the external wall of the home, and a unit installed in the room. Because you are buying one unit for a single room, this requires less investment and is best for homes without the space to add ducted AC units or a limited number of rooms. 


Designed on the same lines as the split system, this allows for more opportunities to cool rooms in your home while still running off the single external compressor. In some cases, you can control the temperature in up to five rooms. It is ideal for houses without space for ducted AC units, while still giving you control over several rooms in your home. 

Ducted air conditioning system

Popular with family homes, this AC system allows you to keep several rooms in a property cool at the same time because a single external conditioner unit is linked to an internal conditioner. Ductwork goes either through walls or under floors, with vents in each room. You can often find this option available in new builds, so if you want an AC unit installed, this can be both costly and disruptive. 

When you are considering installing a new air conditioning system in your Toowoomba home, you need to talk to ACR Solutions. Our air conditioning experts can give you advice on exactly which model will be best for your needs. Talk to us by calling 0406 053 953 today.