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ACR Solutions are the premier air conditioning retailers in the Toowoomba region.

We pride ourselves on selling, installing, maintaining and repairing air conditioning units from all the major brands in the world. We sell units from Panasonic, Hitachi, MyAir, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung and other reputable manufacturers.

Whether you require residential or commercial air conditioning units, ACR Solutions will help you find and set up the ideal model.
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When it comes to heating and cooling, the brand and model can make all the difference in the world. A split system from two different companies would each be unique in performance, longevity and maintenance ease. We only carry units from the best manufacturers in the world. We could sell cheaper units from less reputable companies but that's not how we want to operate.

Our clients want and expect the best. Whether you're choosing an air conditioning unit for your home, apartment or business it's performance must be excellent for many years. It should be easy to maintain and the repairs should be quick and affordable. We take all these factors into account when we stock air conditioning units.

Whether you require a split system, ducted air conditioner or a multi-room system, ACR Solutions will have it in stock.
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Aircon units are complex machines with many different parts and need to be installed by a specialist in order to work correctly. We provide full air conditioning installation services for every model we sell. If you're buying a unit from ACR Solutions we will install it for you.

Our technicians are specially trained and experienced in the installation of every model we sell. They have the expertise needed to install units of all sizes and types successfully.
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We not only install and setup your air conditioning unit, but we make sure it stays running smoothly. That's why we provide comprehensive air conditioning maintenance and repairs for all units in Toowoomba and the surrounding areas. Whether you bought a unit from ACR Solutions or not, you can call us for maintenance and repair services.

We can make sure your unit is running at 100 per cent efficiency and can carry out urgent repairs to get it running again. We will use state-of-the-art techniques and reputable parts at each job.

All Your Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Needs

ACR Solutions is the one-stop shop where you can get all the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration services you need. Invest in a quality model, have it installed by our experts and enjoy smooth performance for years to come.

Your comfort is our priority! Give ACR Solutions a call to discuss your aircon needs today.
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