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Smart Home Air Conditioning & Lights

Whether you live in a three bedroom house or manage a commercial building, you may have found that managing your lighting and air systems is a complex process. There are so many rooms, light systems and components that must be adjusted each time you want to make changes.

At ACR Solutions we want to make the entire process easier for you to manage. We sell, install, maintain and repair MyAir and MyLights systems from Advantage Air.

We have an exclusive relationship with the company which allows us access to their latest models, with every member of our team at ACR Solutions having the ability to install, maintain and repair these units.
MyAir MyLights Phone App - Air Conditioning Toowoomba, QLD

What Is MyAir?

Thanks to the latest in innovation and technology, MyAir 5 by Advantage Air offers one of the best options for ducted air conditioners on the market with the simplest in touch screen technology.

It's a premium home air conditioning management system that can cope with up to 10 zones, while you can get individual air flow into the rooms of your house. Everything is controllable through a tablet you can carry wherever you go.

MyAir 5 allows you to control the temperature and air flow in your home at the push of a button for maximum comfort. It's in a class of its own when it comes to functionality and ease of use.

There is no compromising comfort for style. You can set it exactly as you want, opting for manual control or automatic Individual Temperature Control (ITC). When you invest in MyAir 5 you get an eight-inch touchscreen or a 10-inch tablet, depending on your preferences. The stylish and intuitive interface is the same on either option. You can also use energy-saving motion sensors and the system is compatible with all the major brands.

What Is MyLights?

MyLights is an innovative product from Advantage Air and makes the lighting of your home as easy as the touch of a button. No more searching for switches or worrying about safety when you enter your home late at night. Through the clever use of an app you can quickly and easily light the areas of your home as you need them.

MyLights can also set the mood and it features a smart MyEco enhancement to save on power. Your home. Your lights. Your way. Now you can control all the lights in your home with the single touch of a button. It has never been easier to make sure you only have lights on in the rooms and areas of your house where it is necessary.

You can incorporate smart lighting into the system, which will allow you to adjust the brightness of the lights in various areas. If you want to set the mood in your dining room or living room, a few tweaks and you are good to go. The touchscreen is effortless to command and there is a MyPlace app you can download onto your digital devices.