Frequently Asked Questions


ACR Solutions delivers flawless air conditioning services to clients in Toowoomba and surrounding areas. We service the region that is approximately 100 kilometres in any direction of the city. We can take care of the heating and cooling needs for residential and commercial clients.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our business:

Can you help me choose an air conditioning unit for my home or business?

Yes, ACR Solutions knows not everyone understands the various air conditioning models and types on the market. Whether you're choosing between two manufacturers or unsure about the type of unit that is best for your situation, we can point you in the right direction. We can talk to you about the pros and cons of various models while finding the perfect unit within your budget.

Is it possible to get Legionella disease from an aircon unit?

Legionella bacteria are prone to growing in cooling towers that do not receive the appropriate maintenance and cleaning. It's a big problem with larger commercial units, not residential aircon models. If you are managing a business or apartment complex that uses a large, commercial-style unit, ACR Solutions can provide fast, affordable and regular aircon maintenance to prevent this issue.

How often should I clean or replace my air conditioning filters?

Regular cleaning of your aircon filters is an essential way to keep the system operating at maximum efficiency. We recommend you clean out your air conditioning filter once or twice a month, especially if you have pets or routinely open your windows. We can also come by your location once or twice a year to maintain your units, ensuring they are performing as they should be.

What is a reverse air cycle system?

A reverse air cycle system is one that can alternate between heating and cooling when necessary. These systems are ideal for homes and businesses that require cooling during the summer and heating in the winter. ACR Solutions can point you in the direction of the most affordable, durable and high performance reverse air cycle air conditioning units on the market.